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Sid Dickens Memory Block "Verity" T623

Sid Dickens Memory Block "Verity" T623

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Speak with sincerity,
Let your voice resound;
The power of the spoken truth
Triumphs with no bounds.

The Avant Garde Collection

Sid Dickens’ new Avant-Garde Collection invokes both modern and traditional imagery. With its smooth lines and simple, geometric patterns, these designs give the illusion of sculptures carved from stone, contrasting the natural world with a manmade one.
The immense strength and power of wildlife in nature has been the subject of our reverence and rightfully so. “Swallows,” for example, were held in high regard for their connection to the rising sun and carrying souls into the afterlife.  The “Sacred Ram” was honoured for its power and virility, even serving as guardians of the pharaoh’s tomb in Ancient Egypt. The “Sea Maiden” of half woman, half fish form, are the subject of legendary tales telling of their beauty and power as guardians of the ocean. Finally, the “Circle of Life” represents the natural order of the animal kingdom with a lion hunting its prey. 
This animal imagery is juxtaposed with Art Deco images of mankind relishing in technological advancements. “Lumiere” features a man operating an electric turbine, celebrating the power of electricity and all the opportunities it brings. “Verity” showcases an early telephone, praising the widespread communication that is made possible by its invention. While “Synergy” celebrates what we can achieve when we work together, “Soldier” illustrates the consequences of advancement when we are pit against one another. 
The Avant-Garde Collection takes the organic, yet elegant, style of Art Deco and celebrates both Mother Nature and the achievements of humanity. With the sleek curves and strong, sculpted carvings, the story told by these collective designs showcases how these two worlds can coexist in perfect harmony.